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My Cat Sitter Servicing Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Hi Everyone,
I will be re-opening My Cat Sitter on September 1st, 2021, but will only be accepting new clients in Dartmouth. Please visit my FAQ page for details.

NekoI offer an at-home cat-care service in Dartmouth  Nova Scotia, for cat owners who are looking for an alternative to leaving their cats in a kennel. Whether you’re taking a holiday or weekend break, going on a business trip, into hospital or, for any time you‘ll be away from your cat, please call me. I will arrange to visit your home once or twice a day to feed, clean, amuse, (and adore) your cats.

As a cat owner you’re quite aware that cats are happy homebodies who can suffer high levels of stress when taken from their familiar and comfortable surroundings. By hiring them their very own personal cat-sitter you are assured that your cats will be safe and happy in the place they love best - no matter how long you need to be away.

Anne MacKinnon