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Cat Care Visit information

Booking information

Please note: As of September 1st I will be only accepting a very limited number of new clients in the Dartmouth area.

Please contact me if you live in Dartmouth (the limits of my service area are described on my FAQ page under "Where is your service area?") and are looking for a cat sitter. We'll discuss your situation and I'll let you know if I am able to help you out. 

How to contact me:

Email is the only way to reach me ( I check my email several times a day and reply to messages as soon as I read them. I prefer email as it gives me a written account of any arrangements we make.

Cat Care Visit information

Cat care visits are arranged as follows:

15 minute visits:

 I offer one 15 minute a day This includes feeding, refilling water bowls, scooping litter, one-on-one time with your cat (s) and  thorough clean-up on last visit. Also, by request: mail collection, very limited indoor and outdoor plant watering, emptying de-humidifiers, house checks for insurance purposes, taking green bin to the curb and back.

Cost : $15.00 + tax $2.25 = $17.25 Dartmouth

$20.00 + tax $3.00 = $23.00 Halifax

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Booking Calendar
Before making your plans check the Booking Calendar to see if the days you’re thinking about are available.

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Booking for Holiday weekends:

       Please contact me at least 2-3 weeks in advance

      It is likely that, of the 3 days that constitute a Holiday weekend, I will be unavailable for one of those days. If it is not possible for your cat to skip a daily visit you will need to make other arrangements.

Booking for Christmas and New Year’s, 2021 (This section was updated on August 20, 2021)

     I am not available for cat sitting on the 25th December. It is possible that I may also not be available on one or two other days during the 2 week Christmas/New Year's period.

    I will not probably not be accepting new clients at Christmas/New Years, but I haven't made a final decision on this

    I plan to limit the number of cat care visits between Dec 20th and Jan 4th to 10 a day although I haven't made a final decision on this.

    Although there is no extra charge for individual holiday visits, there is a minimum charge between the 20th December and the 4th of January. If you are requesting between 1 and 7 visits the minimum charge will be $120.75 in Dartmouth,  $161.00 in  Halifax. These prices include tax.

   Christmas visits will not be 15 minutes long. I'll be in your home only long enough to check on the well being of your cats and to feed them, and clean their litter. 

     Reservations for cat care at Christmas must be paid in advance and in full by the 10th of December, 2021. I cannot hold a place for you while you finalize plans. Cat care visits will not be booked until payment 
     has been received.

     Please note that there will be no refund for cancellations received on or after payment has been received (10th December). However, if cancellations occur because Covid shuts us down again payment will be refunded less a cancellation/refund fee of 30% of total charges. There is no charge       if you need to cancel before the 10th of December.

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Payments, Cancellations and Refunds:

Payment for cat sitting services is due immediately before my first visit by direct deposit to my account ( If this is not possible please let me know and we will discuss options.

  • There are no charges for the cancellation of cat care services before my first visit is made and before payment has been received. Please email as soon as you know you no longer need visits.
  • When payment has been made in advance, and cat care services are cancelled before the first visit  payment will be refunded less a 30% refund processing fee. 
  • If visits are cancelled after payment has been received and visits have begun, a 30% refund processing fee will be withheld from the cost of the remaining visits  and the balance will be returned to you.
  • Visits cancelled within a set of visits will not be refunded. For example, a client decides to return home briefly and, while at home, temporarily cancels cat care visits. Visits resume when the client departs again.
  • Refunds are not offered if a client returns home early with 1-3 visits remaining on the schedule. A 30% refund processing fee will be charged to refund 4 or more visits.
  • Cancelled visits that are not subject to refund cannot be carried forward to be used at a future date.

I welcome any questions you have. Please email me at

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